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Welcome to Built Ryte Bullies or Georgia!

Your Premier XL and Standard/Extreme American Bully Breeder

Your Premier XL and Standard/Extreme American Bully Breeder

Built Ryte Bullies is the best American Bully breeder in southwest Georgia. We have the world's finest XL and standard/extreme American Bullies. Not only are they a beautiful sight to see, but they are well tempered, loyal to no end, and loving family companions. We choose to remain a small kennel, centered around maintaining the standards, functionality and integrity of the bully breed.

What Sets Us Apart

We achieve this by keeping a select number of bullies in our care and whelping only a few litters a year, so that we can offer you the best of the best. Because of these efforts we are able to ensure that each dog receives proper socialization, exercise, nutrition, training, and human affection. Each of our bullies is UKC (United Kennel Club) registered, and eligible for registration with the ABKC and other bully registries.

We are confident we have the perfect american bully to add as a companion to your family or to add to your breeding stock and show ring bullies. We pride ourselves on our bullies being built ryte!

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Although we have been dog lovers since we were children, we got our start in 2012 when we adopted our first American Bully. We drove 6 hours to pick him up. His name was Titus and he was the beginning of a beautiful journey to learning more about this amazing breed. Our first litter arrived a few years later after attending many ABKC dog shows, visits to other kennels, a lot of education and research about the breed itself, the bloodlines, the pedigrees, and how to take care of whelping mothers and their puppies.

Built Ryte Bullies is a family owned and operated kennel, located just south of Atlanta, GA. The kennel grounds are situated on 4 acres of land with grassy open space, lots of trees and natural shade, and wooded areas to explore. We house anywhere from 6 to 10 adult dogs in their own individual living space. The kennel enclosures are 5x10 or 10x10, and each dog gets to run the open land, play and socialize with one another each day…rain or shine, they get play time.

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Our Philosophy

Why Our Bullies Are Different

Our philosophy is centered around advocating for a breed that is heavily stereotyped and often mislabeled. We advocate for the American Bully by being ethical, humane, and responsible breeders, not only the dogs we keep but also to the customers who place their trust in our program. We are animal lovers first, and breeders second!