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Common Questions About Bully Puppies

What  inspired you to get involved in breeding bully puppies?

At Built-Ryte Bullies we breed XL / Extreme American Bullies. We appreciate the athletic build of bullies and the muscular characteristics of the breed. Bullies have a great temperament and are great with families. 

Do you have a favorite bully bloodline?

No but I do have a few that I like best. We are predominantly Razors Edge, Gotti, Royal Blue Generation, Ganghis Kon, and Greyline.

What do you feel in most important to be a responsible dog breeder?

It's important for bully puppy breeders to follow ABKC XL guidelines:

  • Straight fronts Level top line Tail drops to between 1 inch above or below the hocks
  • Angulation only the rear quarters 2-3 in muzzle
  • Forehead stop Angulation of the eyes without droop or visibility of inner eyelid
  • Scissor bite Sprung rib cage
  • Abdominal tuck neither excessive or rounded
  • Tight skin around shoulders and throat
  • Muscle tone and athletic movement

What kind of diet do your Bully Puppies have?

We feed a combination of kibble and raw mix. Our RAW consists of: ground beef, ground turkey, chicken quarters, coconut oil and fish oil.

What kind of exercise do your bullies get?

Our facilities include a one acre run for the bullies to exercise. Our bullies are let out of their facilities daily to run, play, and socialize with one another.

What is the process for buying a bully puppy?

  1. Review the purchase agreement provided - or it can be found on the website.
  2. Call us to confirm availability prior to making any deposit.
  3. Once a deposit is placed, the contract will be drawn up by us and signed prior to emailing to the customer.
  4. After the customer fills out the contract and confirms accuracy and can be signed and returned.
  5. Remainder of balance will be sent at predetermined date.
  6. When final payment is received we will work with you to figure out how to get your bully to its new home.

Do you currently show any of your Bullies?

Yes, we have a 14 month old stud about to make his debut.

What do you think is the most difficult thing for people in the bully game to overcome?

To become a selective breeder, Meaning to breed for the more desired traits, while breeding out the less desired traits, when choosing a stud or picking a pup from litter.

What is your primary goal as a bully breeder?

1) Continue to improve and produce XL American Bullies that are what I envision.

2) To compete in the Show Ring with some of our bullies.

What separates Built-Ryte Bullies from the competition?

I feel like a lot of kennels can say they desire the same thing as we do, such as: muscle, strong rear, sprung ribs, correctness, extreme bone, blocked top skull, etc. The way we actually envision it is unique to us. Anyone looking at our program will see that we represent our name like none other. Our passion for the breed, customer service, and willingness to educate are other key factors that help separate us as well.