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Our Adults

Built Ryte Bullies adults used in our breeding program.


  • Built Ryte's Creme Brulee

    Built Ryte's Creme Brulee

    Ht: 19”

    Creme Brulee is a special girl, produced right here at Built Ryte Bullies. She is the daughter of our own BRB King Xerxes. Creme is near perfection...great conformation with a perfect height to length ratio and an even top line. Her personality is a little shy but very loving and submissive, and she is an amazing mom to her puppies.

    DOB: 06/08/2017

    Weight: 110 lbs

  • Built Ryte's Michonne

    Built Ryte's Michonne

    A Proven Producing Female With a Top Notch Pedigree

    Ht: 20”


    Michonne is a beautifully put together chocolate female whose qualities are hard to come by. Not only is she gorgeous, but her pedigree is unmatched with the perfect combination of bloodlines and traits. Bogard is her sire and she is much like him. She was bred to be a foundation female for our kennel and she has proven to be an excellent producer of offspring.

    Weight: 115 lbs

  • Built Ryte’s Benzena

    Built Ryte’s Benzena

    A direct Benzo daughter bred for foundation. 

    Ht: 19”

    Dam’s Pedigree      Sire’s Pedigree

    Benzena is named after her sire, Big Badd Benzo, because she takes after him. He passed his extreme structure on to her...a wide chest, an amazing head shape, thick bone mass and an overall thickness of muscles mass. 
    Benzena is still a young pup and has a lot of growing to do. When she is ready to be bred, we expect a litter full of extreme XL puppies with nothing but the best traits. 

    Weight: 100 lbs


  • RCP Big Badd Benzo

    RCP Big Badd Benzo

    Best ULP Deadpool offspring alive!

    Ht: 20.5”

    Head: 26”


    Closed to the public for outside breedings. 

    Benzo is bred directly from some of the most exclusive XL bloodlines to ever exist, and his pedigree is highly sought after. He is the best direct offspring of ULP Deadpool and his blue trindle coat is eye catching. Benzo consistently produces puppies that are large in stature with great head shape and size, stout bone structure and a strong, intimidating look...but their overall demeanor is jovial and full of energy. 

    DOB: 04/13/2016

    Weight: 140 lbs

  • AEK Bogard (King of the South)

    AEK Bogard (King of the South)

    2x King Liger Stud

    Ht: 21”

    Head: 26”


    Stud Fee: $4500

    Bogard's offspring are some of our most prized productions. He consistently produces puppies that are strong and structurally sound, with thick stocky builds but XL in height. He creates beautiful coat patterns in chocolate, champagne and white and the most beautiful golden colored eyes. Bogard's puppies will have attitudes are very laid back and playful, with a strong desire to please their owners.

    Weight: 140 lbs

  • Built Ryte's Bar None

    Built Ryte's Bar None

    A Big Badd Benzo Son Who Is Creating A Name All His Own

    Ht: 20.5”

    Head: Still Growing

    Stud Fee: $3500

    Pedigree of Dam

    Pedigree of Sire

    He is still just a young pup and has a lot of growing and maturing to do, but he is already showing a very strong structure with all of the desirable physical traits of an XL American Bully. We are very impressed with his muscle mass and overall size at an early age. 

    Weight: 120 lbs

  • Built Ryte’s Apollo Creed

    Built Ryte’s Apollo Creed

    A beautiful boy with a pedigree to match!

    Ht: 21”

    Head: 24”

    Stud Fee: $2500

    Pedigree of Dam

    Pedigree of Sire

    Apollo Creed is a superior stud from our Bogard and J-Lo breeding. He has the best bloodline combination consisting of well known dogs such as King Liger, El Jefe, Mac 10 and El Niño. He is the littermate brother to our chocolate girl Michonne, and Kobe who is owned by our friends at CBK. 

    Weight: 110 lbs

  • Built Ryte’s King James

    Built Ryte’s King James

    This boy is a big ole baby and the oldest bully in our program that we love dearly.  He has a very unique look and pedigree being a direct some of the legendary Terrorist Threat and grandson to the legendary Mac10.  King James is literally a dinosaur in the bully breed with a enormous head, huge rib cage and body with short thick boned legs with the best personality ever making him a must have and you will never find another bully like him today. Like we always say he is the ‘Last of a dying breed’.. Like you can already assume you do not want to miss out on his breedings. 

    Weight: 140 lbs

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  • Built Ryte’s Pumpkin

    Built Ryte’s Pumpkin

    Pumpkin Spice y’all! 

    Ht: 19”


    Pumpkin Spice is one of the puppies from our first breeding. We knew she was a keeper from the start. She came from a litter of 6 puppies, and her sire is an ABKC show champion in the XL class. She is razor’s edge bloodline and in an excellent female all around, from brood to the show ring. We have seen Pumpkin produce some of our most extreme puppies with very thick bone and very large heads. 

    Weight: 95 lbs

  • KKB J-Lo

    KKB J-Lo

    Weight: 90 lbs